England continues to be one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. London in particular is one of the most visited cities and attract people with its charm, history, and pubs. Britain’s smaller cities, such as Bath and Oxford, are equally as attractive with a lot of culture and the crowd less. Liverpool boasts a rich musical history is home to The Beatles. The rural estate with attractive and natural beauty. He has so many things to do and see in it. Remember though, the British high prices and a strong currency is a budget that can go to die. Be careful here. Once you get outside London, prices fell significantly. Personally I think the best the country has to offer is its capital outside anyways.

Typical costs
Hostels-bed and breakfast reviews between GBP 20-40 a night for a dorm room. Good facilities and often include free internet, breakfast, common room, TV and laundry facilities. Budget hotels offer amenities similar and started about 70 a night for a GBP bed. Apartment rental start at the same price per night.

Food-you can eat cheap in the UK if you really pay attention. Fish and chips or a kebab is only a few pounds or about 3 GBP. Indian and Asian food can be bought for GBP 6 for lunch entrees. A weeks worth of groceries here will cost about 45 GBP. Eat in a good restaurant will really eat into your budget if you’re not careful though. Expect to pay around 22 GBP for a restaurant meal.

Transportation-in the UK, the national railway service is always expensive, no matter how long your trip. It is one of the things the citizens in this part of the world love to complain about. A journey from London to Liverpool could lose at least 25 GBP, or it can cost as much as 130 GBP during peak hours (mid August). By booking your tickets with national rail over a week ago and during off-peak, you can guarantee you tickets for at least 13 GBP. The cheapest way to travel around is through Megabus, where ticket prices start around 1 GBP. You will need to place at least one month in advance on the common to obtain special fare though.

Activities-the activities most are cheap in the UK. Museums in England are free, though the Castle and entrance fees to other attractions around 10 GBP (the Tower of London is about 25 GBP!). You will find most other activities (cycling, wine tours, ancient ruins) which last a day tend to be about 77 GBP.

Money saving Tips
Free Museum-the Museum offers free admission in every city across England and the UK. It’s a great way to learn about the most influential artist of the country, immersed in the history of the country, and wasting a rainy day without paying a penny.

Get a taste of the United Kingdom-the taste of the UK card provides up to 50% off and 2 for 1 deals at selected restaurants. You don’t need to be a uk resident to receive the card, and the membership fee within the first month is free, which is perfect for 99% of most visitors.

Pub food-eating in the UK can get pretty expensive, but for good cheap and filling meals, visit local pubs. Most of the food served, and you can get a good meal for less than 10 GBP. In addition, the pub is a great way to meet people!

Eat the lunch special-a way to reduce the cost of your food is to stick to eat during lunch only. The restaurant offers great lunch specials that you can get multiple course meal for about 10 GBP or 2 for 1 pizza special. I usually eat my lunch in the drink and then cooking my dinner to reduce the cost of my food in the UK.

Visit the churches-many of the Church is free to join. It is a great opportunity to see a number of 15th century architecture-19.

Book early – before the transport bans book, even if you don’t plan to use it. The ticket price may be about 2 GBP plan a little bit. Megabus is not only running the bus but also provide the trains across the UK and is the best choice for cheap travel around the country.

Camping in a garden-camp in my garden allows you to camp in someone’s backyard for free or a nominal fee (around 4 GBP). It is very popular in the UK.


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