Many people skip Norway for how expensive it is. It is true that Norway is not a budget destination.Even the best savings will have a difficult time saving money, which is why most travelers wait until they age to be able to afford it. However, Norway is surprisingly beautiful that I think you should find a way to work it into your trip. Norwegians are wonderful people; everyone speaks fluent English, and sheer beauty of this country is too attractive to ignore. Nothing like sailing around the fjords in the north is. You can make it part of a stopover on a larger trip to Sweden or some neighboring countries and Norwegian Air offers cheap tickets to Oslo.

Typical costs
Accommodation-just like everything else in Norway, where in is not cheap. Hostel dorm rooms cost between 200-500 NOK per night while the private rooms is about 750 NOK for a single. Hotels start at about 1,000 NOK per night for a double room. You can also camp on public land for free if you have a tent.

Food-eating out is expensive, with fast food starting from 80 NOK and sit down meal at a decent restaurant almost always topped 285 NOK or more for a main course. The McDonald’s value meal and Burger King had about 125 NOK. For a quick snack cheap Norwegian style, look no further than the nearest the grill or convenience store, where you can eat a hot dog or sausage for around 30-50 NOK.If you are going to buy your own food, expect to spend about 570 NOK per week. To keep costs, avoid fresh vegetables and chicken fillets.

Transportation-trains around Norway costs between 300-610 NOK, depending on the distance and the time you purchase them. If you book early, they will ship on the cheap. A series of bus get to connect the cities all over Norway and even most of the national parks. If you are lucky, you can get a ticket for as little as 80 NOK, but often the tickets from NOK 290-700, although they may cost more than 815 NOK. Double decker bus very clean and modern with free wi-fi, tea and coffee.

Activities-Norway is a land of fjords, and found it was the most popular activity here. Most popular day tour costs NOK 1,050 for a day. You can find day tours to the fjord for around NOK 400-650. Camping is free in Norway so long as it is public land you can camp anywhere. The Museum often is 80 NOK.

Money saving Tips
Cooking your own food is very, very expensive in Norway, so the best thing that you can do it simply to make your own meals. Go shopping, but skip the buy a lot of fresh vegetables such as peppers or whole chicken fillets as they are very expensive. Minced chicken is cheaper. Avoid eating out!

Eat cheap-if you decide to eat out, your cheapest option will be the shwarma and pizza. The meals usually cost about 80 NOK.

Couchsurf-the best way to avoid expensive dorm is not there. Couchsurf or using Airbnb to rent a room or apartment so you can save your money for what is really important-taking and beer!

Camp-free camping area laws allow you to camp in the Park and the area of land for free as long as you have your own tent.

Get a travel card-attractions in Norway can get very expensive, especially since the exchange rate is so bad. The best way to afford all the sights is to get a tourist card of the city so that you can get free entry to all sights as well as free shipping.

Book in advance-if you can plan your transportation in advance, you can save up to 50% off the ticket price by train or bus. Buy last minute means it will be more than any budget traveler can afford, especially if you want to visit several destinations in Norway.

Sober-stay at 60 NOK a drink, go out will destroy your budget. While the Norwegians love to go out and have a good time, if you are on a tight budget, skip the drinks. Better to save your money for the boat around the fjords.

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