Germany is synonymous with many things – beer, food, sausage, seriously, hiking, castles, and parties. However, Germany is more than beer and bratwurst. There is an art and music scene in Berlin’s lively, beautiful forests in the west, cathedrals and castles, and picturesque “sound of music” the city and the Alps in the south, and the historic city in the country. Germany often think serious people like those who are not wild like the neighboring countries to their southern European.However, while they can be serious and focused, they are also a number, nicest most helpful people in Europe. They are not “cool” when they appear. Germany is a large country with a lot to offer visitors with a very affordable price.

Typical costs
Accommodation-accommodation in Germany is quite cheap compared to Euro-zone neighbors. Dorms range from 10-30 EUR per night in a dorm room. A private room costs about 50 EUR per night and budget hotel prices start in the same price range.

Food-food in Germany is very cheap. You can eat out from outside vendors for around 2-4 EUR (big sausage and bratwurst). Before making the bread cost about 5 GBP. Fast food will cost around EUR 7.Beer usually costs EUR 5 for a nice pint. If you eat in the beer Hall, a traditional German meals, plus a beer will cost about 14 EUR. Turkey, Middle East and Asian food can be found for as little as 5 EUR. A weeks worth of groceries will cost about 35-65 EUR.

Transportation-train is very expensive in Germany. Berlin Munich can costs more than 180 EUR. Most other Intercity train costs from 40-70 EUR for a second class ticket. It is cheaper to have a slow bus or train area overnight, and then you save on accommodation. The city transit system costs about 1-3 EUR for a single ticket.

Operation-the museums costs from 1-16 EUR. Bicycle tours and river cruises can cost 24-40 EUR.Most of the tours of the city are between 12-25 EUR. Renting a bike costs about 18 EUR per day.

Money saving Tips
In the provider-across Germany, you will find a cheap supplier outdoor of sausage. The fast food will cost a few euros. Moreover, meals at many schools across the country beer costs just 10-15 EUR.

Cheap ethnic food-some of the best and the cheapest food in Germany is the cuisine of Turkey and the Middle East. You can get a lot of meals for under 5 EUR. It is delicious, filling and inexpensive and what I mostly ate while in Germany.

Free tour-big cities in Germany have free tours. They are a good way to see the city and learn about the history and get your bearings without spending money.

Drink cheap beer-beer in Germany is very strong and very cheap. Drink the local beer, and you will save yourself a lot of money. After all, Germany is known for drinking beer.

Book your training early-trains in Germany is expensive, but you can get a ticket savings is about 40-50% off standard fares if you book at least a week ago. These tickets have limited availability though so be flexible with your travel plans.

Rideshare-if you are flexible in your schedule, use the ridesharing service and getting going with local people between cities (or water). You save money and get to spend time with local people. Drivers are confirmed and it is completely safe (although sometimes riding not shown, which is why you need to be flexible).

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