Den Haag (The Hague) is home to many buildings and Administrative Justice of the Netherlands as well as the International Criminal Court. Thus, this is a city government orientation was, and a lot of people who work for it. However, the city has fascinating architecture, a wonderful array of parks, museums, and even a beach (there early for some great seafood restaurant on the boardwalk). The Hague can be more “oppressive” youthful than Amsterdam, but it is equally interesting.

Typical costs
Hostel reviews-a dorm room in The Hague will cost at least EUR 15. There are many options for private rooms in the hostel here, because there are few pensions. Double rooms cost around EUR 50.

Reviews of budget hotels-hotels right on the beach, you will be charged EUR 90 per night for a double room. A hotel in the suburbs, pay a reduced price of about 60 EUR. Hotels in the Center is expensive and should be avoided.

The average cost of food-you can buy cheap meals such as pizza, gyros and sandwiches for about 5 EUR. For a meal at a restaurant, you will spend about 20 EUR for a main dish and a drink. Expect to spend 35-50 EUR per week on groceries.

Transportation-The Hague there is a reliable system of public transport called the Randstadrail. You can buy a day ticket for EUR 6.50 or single ticket for EUR 3.50.

Money saving Tips
Skip the restaurants-dining out in the city can be quite expensive. All these European officials to drive the price up. Save yourself some money and eat at the little sandwich shop or buy your own food.

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