Though often overshadowed by Amsterdam, Rotterdam is worth a visit. Rotterdam is proud of its unique architecture, the port area, modern art, good food, and modern city center. The city itself is very multicultural and display a variety of festivals and concerts are free. Take advantage of visiting during the summer months, like most festivals and concerts take place from mid-June to late August.I really enjoyed Rotterdam – it is a good contrast to the modern streets of Amsterdam canals laced

Typical costs
Hostel reviews-dorm rooms cost around 15-25 EUR per night, depending on the time of year. That includes the buffet breakfast at most hostels. A private double room will cost around EUR 50-70.

Reviews of budget hotels-cheap hotels for start at about 50 EUR per night for a room with private bath.

Average cost of food-store Falafel, shawarma is your best bet for cheap food. A meal here will cost about 5-10 EUR. Buy your food from the supermarket will cost about 40-50 EUR for the week.

Transportation-rent a bike will cost about EUR 15 per day. Is the easiest place to bicycle rental is at the Office by the Central Station. You can also RET, it was bus, tram and train systems. You can get a welcome card provides transportation for three days for EUR 17.50.

Money saving Tips
Rent a bike-the easiest and cheapest way to get around (besides walking) is to hire a bike. You can get one for about 15 EUR per day.

Cheap eats-Rotterdam has lots of cheap snack and gyro shop that cost about 5 GBP. Buy food at the market last week is a great way to stock up on groceries for the week.

Get the Welcome card-if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, get the city travel card which offers discounts on most of the points of interest as well as three days worth of travel on the rail and bus system. It is quite a deal if you are in the city for a while.

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