Capital of Holland, Amsterdam, famous for its coffee shops, red light, and canals. Founded in 1275 (supposedly the two fishermen and their dogs), the city developed in importance and wealth in the centuries as a colony of the Netherlands has been set up worldwide world and companies like Dutch East India company (VOC) has started transferring the property to the city. Many visitors tend to frequent the cafe or wander the city’s red light district but has great features art museums, beautiful parks, and great cafes. The city is by far one of the most beautiful in the world. Nothing like cruising around the canals on a sunny day in the Vondelpark or reading a book is! I used to live in Amsterdam, and I can tell you the best of Amsterdam was found outside the city center in the small neighborhood cafes with their side channel. travel guide can help you find your way there!

Typical costs
Hostel reviews-different price dorm a lot in Amsterdam. You can find different beds, from 20-40 EUR per night and subject to popular places and positions. Private rooms with the cost of your own bath room between 70-90 EUR (they aren’t that big of a deal). Accommodation in my favorite is The Flying Pig, St. Christopher and the meeting point.

Hotels budget prices-rooms start at about 90 EUR per night for a double room at a hotel in Amsterdam. In low season, you can almost half off. Expect closer to EUR 55 for a double room. There are many Airbnb and options to share rooms in the city that now is much cheaper than hotels. Private rooms usually start about 40 EUR and an important budget options to consider.

Average food cost-there are many fast food restaurant in Amsterdam, friendly budget ranging from McDonalds to Maoz Wok to walk (which is by far the best). The meal will cost you between 5-15 EUR.The average restaurant meal around 20-25 EUR for a main dish with a drink. If you choose to cook food for yourself, you can expect to pay on average 45-55 EUR per week for groceries. Netherlands cheap food at the famous FEBO is around EUR 2-7, but don’t expect anything fancy for party food.(FEBO is the Netherlands say eat!) I like Cafe de Jardin, Pankcakes!, Modoers, sword and Burger places to eat. Even more places to eat, check my insightful Guidebook to the city below!

Shipping costs-a tram or bus will cost EUR 2.90 for a ticket an hour. Travelers looking to use public transportation for just a day or two can be seen affordable and easy for options on the ticket is valid for 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours. Prices range from 7.50-20 EUR. These tickets are available from the driver and the ticket sales (tickets only 24 hours), the GVB, the tourist office and kiosk.

Money saving Tips
Get through Amsterdam-this offers free entrance to most museums and attractions as well as free public transportation. If you are going to send between the Museum very much, got this card.

Get Museumkaart (Museum of Card)-good for a year, this card will help you into the Museum in Amsterdam, and more for just 60 EUR. With the card, you get access to 32 museums in Amsterdam and the more than 400 throughout the Netherlands. It is also good for repeating the visits are good!

Drink in the hostel-dorm have the best drinks in the city. Even when you are not in them, most have a bar open to the public that you can get 2 beers and special beverages of EUR. Belushi’s Bar at The Winston is also very popular among the local people.

There’s a free walking tour-if you want to have an overview of the city, one of the free walking tour.In this way, you will get to learn about the city without spending money. The largest one is provided by the new European tour.

Take a night flight Amsterdam-this ticket is valid for 7 days and costs 10 Euro. It gets you unlimited access to eight clubs, a welcome drink at the five of clubs, visit the Holland Casino, your Uber ride discounts, and much more. If you are going to party in Amsterdam, nightlife tickets will definitely cut the costs of partying in the city.

Rent your own boat – instead of taking an expensive Canal cruise, you can rent your own boat. If you have three or four people, it work about 6 EUR a piece and you can bring the wine, the food, or smoke on it.

Eat on the cheap-Febo, go to Wok, Maoz is where all the bargains to get food. Moreover, the coffee shop in the city for many prix-fixe lunch special for between 10-15 EUR. If you’re going out to eat, lunch is the best time to do it in Amsterdam!

Cook-food is not going to win any prizes. Try a few places but regular cooking (or at least make a lot of bread). Dining out in the city is not cheap and if you’re paying a lot for your accommodations, your daily costs can shoot through the roof. Go to the supermarket and get some food to Cook! You didn’t miss out on anything.

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