Bordeaux is a port city on the Garonne River in southwest France. A historic part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as “a set of urban and architectural excellence” of the 18th century is also a premium Bordeaux place- a shopping city luxury, drinking and eating. It is located in the heart of the world famous wine region that bears its name, and so tourists come here to eat, drink, wine experiences, and be merry. Like Napa Valley in California or the Australian Hunter, prices here reflect the fact that trade spending so do not expect a cheap visit to the city, but, despite its cost, it is one of the most beautiful cities and regions in France. Do not miss it – especially if you love wine!

Typical costs
Hostel reviews-Bordeaux without any dorms – that is how it is. The cheapest place to stay is the budget hotels.

Hotels budget prices-prices start at about 50 EUR per night for a room in a one or two stars. From there, the sky’s the limit.

The average cost of food-Bordeaux have some great food and a traditional restaurant. When choosing one of these restaurants, you should budget between 25-50 EUR, depending on what you get and how much alcohol you drink. Cheap bread around costs about EUR 6. Groceries will cost about 45-75 EUR per week and can make eating in cities with affordable price. Two of my favorite restaurants are La Tupina and Le Petit Commerce.

Shipping costs-the city of Bordeaux has a public transportation system consists of a large bus, tram, a free city centre shuttle bus and water. A cruise is 1.50 EUR; 5 trip is EUR 6.50; 10 trip is 12 EUR; 1 day pass is EUR 4.30 and last 7 days is 10 EUR.

Money saving Tips
Explore the-walk around the city of Bordeaux is a great way to experience the architecture and people watching. Bordeaux is small enough to walk around.

Drinking cheap wine-cheap bottles of Bordeaux took one from a store their wine a lot on the street and have a glass while walking around to view the monument and historic building. You can find a good bottle for at least 5 EUR.

Discount price-point discount on museums by asking about discounts for foreigners, students or different rates for different times of the day.

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