Land of the siesta, everyday life in Spain to move slowly and runs until late. Many visitors may get frustrated at the limited store hours and seemed laid back pace of life. But it is the view of this Spanish – move slowly, enjoying themselves, eating, and relaxing – which gives the country a lot of character. Spain is a beautiful country, exciting and dynamic. Madrid and Barcelona is hip and energetic city. For a contact visit Moorish Granada. Visit the beautiful Basque Korea in the north and down the beaten track. Valencia is a major port city that tries to lift the crowd in the tomato festival in Bunol throws August. Take a quick jaunt to the Canary Islands or Ibiza. the list goes on. Spain is a beautiful country and varied, and unlike other parts of Western Europe, will be a lot to be kind to your budget.

Typical costs
Accommodation-accommodation in Spain is quite cheap compared with other Western countries in Europe. Dorm beds in dorm usually begins about 15 EUR per night and go as high as 30 EUR in big cities such as Barcelona or Madrid. Private rooms at Hostel start about 40 EUR per night for a double.Budget hotels start at that price and go from there. In some small town, you can find accommodation for less.

Food-you can get cheap tapas and sandwiches for between 3-7 EUR. If you want to include wine, expect to spend between 10-13 EUR per meal. A good restaurant meal will set you back around 13 EUR. If you go out for paella, drinks or appetizers, then you should plan to spend about 22 EUR per meal. Spain has a lot of expensive restaurant meals, and have started about 27 EUR with a drink. Fast foods like McDonalds and Maoz costs about EUR 6. Groceries will cost about 30 EUR per week, especially if you stick to the rich local markets across the country.

Transportation-city bus and metro lines costs 1-3 EUR for each trip. Training system (Renfe) can be expensive. Speed boat can cost from 50-140 EUR, depending on the distance and how popular the route. A slower ship area range between 15-45 EUR for each trip. The bus through the night is the choice between the cheapest and the city costs about 18 EUR.

Activities-museums and sights in Spain cost between 2-14 EUR. Diving the island will cost about 45 EUR per dive.

Money saving Tips
Get the menu of the day-most of the restaurants have a cheap “menu of the day” during lunch around 7-9 EUR. They are a good way to save money on food and taste delicious Spanish dishes. Skip eating out for dinner-it was too expensive.

The bus-system while training is fast, it is expensive. If you have time and want to save money, take a bus.

Get the City Pass-most visitors should not pass through the city, but if you plan on making multiple trips to the city, they are a good investment. All big cities have many museums, attractions and activities. Get one through the city can save you up to 20% on these activities and help you get free shipping. If you are going on a field trip, get the pass.

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